Dr. Lloyd and Dr. Morrow's approach to treatment focuses on the principle that optimal joint function is dependent on proper soft tissue function, and vice versa. 

Dr. Lloyd has found Active Release Technique (ART) to complement her chiropractic approach, especially for long standing or recurring problems where significant muscle or other soft tissue involvement is present.  Emphasis is also placed on rehabilitative exercises to improve strength and flexibility. 

Dr. Morrow utilizes Trigger Point Therapy, motion palpation and myofascial stretching techniques in addition to helping to chiropractic care to restore function and good health.

Why Peak Performance Chiropractic?

  • Gentle chiropractic care using force & non-force techniques
  • Extremity Adjusting
  • Dr. Loyd is ART Certified (Level 3-highest level)
  • Sport-specific care
  • Nutritional healing
  • Workers compensation & personal injuries (work related and    auto accident injuries)
  • Chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries
  • Drug and surgery free approach
  • Most insurance accepted